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Thank you for registering your interest to work in the Aged Care Sector. 

This online suitability testing asks questions about you and how you like to work via two questionnaires. It will take you around 15 minutes to complete the two sections. 

It is not mandatory and you decide if the results are available to employers. If you have given permission for employers to access your assessment results, they will be provided with a report that gives them insight into your personality profile and your attitude to work. This will help them to get a more complete picture of who you are and your job match. This can be very valuable, as sometimes we may lack the right work experience, but have the right personality and attitude to do a job. 

There are two parts to this assessment:

The first part asks you about your personality preferences in relation to work situations.
The second part asks you about your attitude to work in general.

When you have finished, you will be able to download two free reports based on your answers. So please be honest and true to yourself. These reports can be used as part of your job search. 

1. a Career Trait Profile report, which gives you insight into your personality in relation to 6 universal career traits. It also has useful resume and interview tips.

2. a report that gives you suggested interview questions, that YOU can ask the employer at your next job interview. This will help you find out if the job and the work environment match your personality.

We hope you find these reports helpful. 

You can start when you are ready. Just make sure you have enough time to do these questions in a place free from interruptions.

If you are doing this for the first time, you'll have to "create an account". If you have done these assessments before and are registering your interest for another role type, you won't have to do these questions again. You then have to log in to "release" those results against this different role type.